Illuminating Severe Enduring Anorexia Nervosa

In recognition of the severe lack of treatment options for SEAN, Laura has remained committed to sharing Chloe’s story through the publication of A Life Within Stillness . In the language Chloe had available to her – painting. This intimate collaboration offers a small but significant step towards improving understanding of SEAN.

The project evolved organically, initially a purely practical one which developed to take on a life of its own through this publication.

As Chloe’s body diminished, her painting collection outgrew her home. This gave rise to the shared, pragmatic task between Laura and Chloe of cataloguing her life’s work. It was an extraordinary and unexpected privilege for Laura that this grew into an intimate collaboration to create a visual representation of themes related to Chloe’s lived experience of Anorexia Nervosa. Through her words (displayed verbatim in this catalogue) together with her paintings, Chloe offers a window into her lifelong affliction with SEAN.

The development of this book has been made possible through a collaboration with Sue Cruthers. Sue lives with SEAN and is a supporter of women in the visual arts through her work with the Cruthers Art Foundation.

The wisdom within Chloe’s artistic catalogue offers a unique perspective, to increase understanding via her lived experience so we may find new ways to truly see SEAN.

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Extract From The Book

It was Chloe’s wish that through the exhibition of her works in the book, her illness could be seen for all that it is, beyond the stigma and cliches that surround Anorexia Nervosa (AN).