Information about Eating Disorders

If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder or is impacted by Chloe’s story, please seek help. This is a good place to start:


If you are interested in hearing about opportunities to participate in much needed research into eating disorders, please provide your contact details. This is a theoretical expression of interest. It is not an enquiry to participate in a particular research project.


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Artworks used in this website

Shell, Turnip and another shell - 2013, oil on tile, 30 x 45cm

Landscape 1 - 2013, oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm

Landscape 2 - 2013, oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm

Looking out my studio window - 2019, oil on canvas, 30 x 26cm

Vase in front of window - 2019, oil on canvas, 30 x 26cm

White on white: egg on plate - 2009, oil on gesso board, 26 x 20cm

Leaf in spaghetti jar - 2013, oil on tile, 45 x 30cm

A lone leaf in vase - 2020, watercolour on paper, 39 x 29cm

Sunflower - 2020, watercolour on paper, 59 x 40cm

Banksia Monochrome - 2016, oil on linen, 40 x 40cm

Banksia bunch - 2020, watercolour on paper, 39 x 39cm

Banksia 1 - 2020, oil on linen, 40 x 40cm

Still life with flowers - 2020, oil on linen, 50 x 40cm

Pale still life with flowers - 2020, oil on linen, 50 x 40cm